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Our eucalyptol has a fresh and minty scent that opens the sinuses and also contains a subtle hint of the untainted earthy forest. The anti-inflammatory properties of this strong oil are excellent for medical applications, and even toothpaste.
We provide camphor powder crystals that are pungent and serve well in such medical applications as relieving pain and itching, fungal infections, and respiratory illnesses as well as industrial applications for explosives and pesticides.
Spicy and floral, linalool oil comes from citrus and lavender plants and is excellent for a variety of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and foods. Often used as an anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, linalool can deter mosquitoes and improve sleep!
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Our oil blends take your customers on a sensory journey that rejuvenates their well-being … while also increasing your revenue


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Their oil blends take your customers on a sensory journey that rejuvenates their well-being … while also increasing your revenue. Do not hesitate to cooperate with 2MAroma!


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2MAroma is our great partner. These powerful formulas are professional-grade, and provide a truly authentic fragrance experience that can invigorate the senses or create a calming environment.


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5 Stars! 2MAroma is proud to offer their unique fragrances, formulated with quality in mind. Each of their unique oils have remarkable properties and are designed to appeal to our customers giving us a perfect match with our market.


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